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Professional development, outreach, and informal learning opportunities for the CS educator community.

Ultimately, our goal is to to put more qualified, confident, and credentialed computer science educators in K-12 classrooms (and homes too). By doing so, we will more effectively tackle the equity and inclusion obstacles that impede on college- and workforce-readiness efforts.  Our programs are designed to attack this issue from many facets and we rely on the support of individual and corporate donors to keep our work going.

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Tech Me With U

A Professional Development Program

We will soon be piloting our Tech Me With U program to provide a pathway towards CS Educator credentials for current educators and computer science professionals. The “U” in Tech Me With U signifies the importance of our university partnerships and our ability to put future CS educators on the path to receiving the necessary credentials from accredited institutions of higher education.

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An Outreach & Fundraising Event Series

We bring together current K-12 educators, parents, current IT industry professionals, and other community members for fun networking-style events where we’ll introduce some simple yet useful CS-related topics and tools.

Join us to learn (or teach) some CS fundamentals. We want to help inspire lesson plans and simple activity ideas for parents and teachers. Let us know if you have something you’d like to demo or discuss on how to best utilize tech in the classroom or at home to enhance digital literacy.

You’ll also build community with others that are on this on-going tech educator journey. Light bites and drinks (soft and “other”) will be served.


Code Together

Parent & Community Outreach

Recognizing that parents (and other family) are typically a child’s first educators, this event series will bring together parents, other family, friends, and students for some fun, informal co-creation opportunities all centered around the objective of practicing CS know-how amongst other learners in a safe no-fail, no-judgement environment.

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Annual Hackathon

Informal Learning & Co-Creation

Sometimes We Code in April is an annual event where we provide workshops and a co-creation experience for students, educators, parents, and the various communities we serve. 

The Mobile Lab

Because we bring classes to many places, we need to be guaranteed that we get our instructional tech just right.  The best way to do that is to bring our own EVERYTHING:

  • Laptops (Mac and PC)
  • Tablets (Android and iOS)
  • Wifi Hotspot & VPN
  • Learning Management Tools/Platforms
  • And more!

While we are a HUGE proponent of unplugged learning, we do have to at some point “plug in” and touch the tech.  Having our own Mobile Lab alleviates the tech logistics problems we often face when preparing to teach on-site.  This means more of the time is spent on teaching and engaging versus “classroom tech gotchas”.

The Makerspace

Ultimately, what we’re are building up to is a center-based approach to delivering tech education to educators and the communities of parents, students, and other organizations that want to be involved.  Teachers, principals, counselors, administrators, parents, and students will always be welcomed, as individuals or as a group, to register for informal and formal learning opportunities as well as the requisite coaching and mentoring that supports learning objectives.  

Stay tuned for updates on this initiative (or…. chip in a $7 donation now to help make this a reality sooner).