Improving computer science education
K-12 School Districts

Who We Help

K-12 School Districts

Providing Professional Development guidance and resources for improving the quality and availability of Computer Science education in our schools. 


Providing informal and formal experiences to help educators gain the professional development they need to begin adding computer science to their lesson plans.

Parents of Students In Underrepresented Groups in CS

Improving a parent’s ability to impact their child’s early and ongoing access to computer science education.

Coding With Robots

Virtual Summer Camp – 2020

Through our partnership with Smart Learning Solutions, a MD-based non-profit that promotes STEM Education and 21st Century Learning, we are able to offer professional development, robotics kits purchases, and custom summer camp programs using materials and curriculum provided by Edison.




All of our initiatives require the support of so many:

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Colleges & Universities

We need as many as possible pitching in to help us improve the quality and availability of computer science education offerings for our next generation of computer scientists.

When Doves Code is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN:  82-3126921) and your donation is tax-deductible.

Our Top Initiatives

Your donation of as little as $7 can help us continue to take next steps with confidence.

Recent Posts

  • Sometimes We Code In April
    In April 2018, we held our first hackathon to help a small group of middle and high school girls design a group chat app using the Ionic Framework. Because of the success and excitement that came out of that day, we decided we’d do it again every


We appreciate the coaching expertise as well as on-going funding and volunteer support from our Tech Pro partner – Blue Collar Objects.
When Doves Code is now a member of the CSforALL Consortium. Just like us, the CSforALL organization aims to support the development of rigorous and relevant CS education and computational thinking skills for all students in grades K-12, with a focus on unlocking the missing talent of underrepresented groups of students.
For our advance CS topics such as Java Programming and App Development (iOS and Android), we rely on the expertise and resources provided by coderighter
We bring child care to our in-person Professional Development offerings! Sponsors needed. Contact us if your company is interested in making this possible for our upcoming PD classes.

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